The best way to do this is to use the four cable method (4CM)

and program the second Syn2 with the first Syn2 in bypass mode.

  • Guitar to ‘Input' the first Syn2 in the signal chain (Master unit)
  • From 'To ext. guitar amp’ of the Master to the ‘Input' of the second Syn2 (Slave unit)
  • From the 'main output' of the Slave to the ‘from Amp FX send’ of the Master
  • From the Main Out to the power amp oder head’s FX return. 
  • With the Master set to Bypass the Slave is active


An alternate way that also works is:

  • Connect guitar to "Inst In" of first SYN2.
  • "To Amp In" of first SYN2 to "Inst In" of second SYN2.
  • "Main out” or “from Power Amp Return” (without Master volume) of second SYN2 to "from Amp send" of first SYN2.
  • "Main out" or “from Power Amp Return” (without Master volume) of first SYN2 to input of amp
  • Effects into the FX loop of the first SYN2.
  • One foot switch —just need to connect midi thru of one to the other.



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